Ana Liz Cordero

  • Inti (Sun), 2020

    Acrylic, desert sand, earth, modeling paste on canvas.

    150 x 100 x 3 cm

  • Every year, the Kichwa peoples of Ecuador celebrate the Inti Raymi (Sun Celebration), which is a time for the communities to reflect on their unity. It is a popular Andean custom that consists of giving thanks for food, for the change of season, and for the beginning of harvests. In this celebration, the sun is closer to the earth, bringing about the shortest day and the longest night. In the artist’s religious faith, the sun also plays a key role: it was created by God on the fourth day as a source of light, and as a way to mark the times of festivals, seasons, and years. The sun symbolizes the source of light that allows life and balance on earth; it is always present, connecting us with our spirituality.