Ana Liz Cordero



Ana Liz Cordero (Cuenca, Ecuador, 1987)

I was born in Cuenca, Ecuador: “city of artists.” Some even call it “the Athens of Ecuador,” meaning I grew up in an environment that was not only filled with art, but in an environment of astounding natural beauty. It was here that my love for nature and for our creator, who I believe is the greatest artist of all time, was born.

I was always an artist, but it took me some time to come to terms with the direction that my life would take. I felt a tension, as many artists do, between my head and my heart. I felt I needed to pay more attention to my emotions than my responsibilities, or the words and opinions of others. Over time, I searched within myself to find my passion, and have been lucky enough to transform it into my profession.

For me, to create is to live. I cannot find any other way of living that is not through art. I view the creation of material works as an extension of what I feel and what I think. In a way, my creations are an extension of who I am. But most importantly, my artistic practice is an extension of what I believe. It allows me to show the world the gift given to me by the One who guides my path and who decides my destiny. I am proud and humbled that my destiny was to become an artist, and I’m honored to share my work with the world.